I'm a product marketing leader who drives growth for B2B SaaS companies through market research, product positioning, and GTM execution. I'm currently launching something new as a PMM at Lattice.

I started my career in 2015 at LinkedIn after graduating from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. Moving from Chicago to SF to NYC in less than a year was a trip (and a half), but it gave me the chance to live in three amazing cities. In my 4.5 years at LinkedIn, I worked with our sales team to help make global customers who hire on LinkedIn more productive and successful, influencing more than $200M in sales during my tenure.

In December 2021, I graduated from NYU Stern’s Tech MBA program. Most recently, I was Chief of Staff at Sounder—a Series A startup that helps media companies and ad marketplaces grow their audio businesses through AI-powered data and insights. In my role, I led product marketing, brand marketing, business operations, and investor relations (and everything else at the company without a title), helping the company 5x ARR in less than a year.

In my free time, you can find me writing my newsletter (Gridology), making silly AI-generated art, taking too many pictures of my doggo, or acting as commissioner to an overly competitive 22-person fantasy football league.

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<aside> 💡 Are you a Seed or Series A founder struggling with PMF?

I love working with startups to help understand their customer and perfect their GTM strategy.


Projects at Sounder 🎙

A sample of some of the projects I’ve worked on

💰 $7.7M Series A Built pitch and led GTM efforts for fundraising announcement in Feb 2022

🛡 Brand Safety Solution Launch Led messaging, positing, and GTM efforts for Sounder’s brand safety solution

🚀 **Partnership Announcements** Led comms for B2B partnership launches including Audacy, SpokenLayer, and DAX

📢 Refreshed Sounder Website Led team in complete redesign of Sounder’s company webpage

💎 Sounder Plus Led relaunch of Sounder’s premium creator product in April 2021

🖥 Remote Culture Building Organize hack days, town halls, performance reviews, onboarding, and weekly newsletters

Writing 👨🏻‍💻

The journalist deep down in me still loves to write

✍️ Gridology

My semi-regular newsletter that answers questions around careers, relationships, growth, and business through an analytical lens


A collection of writings on topics ranging from life, marketing, and career development


Every year I outline my favorite content I consumed (books, articles, tweets, TV shows, movies)

Miscellaneous 🤷🏻‍♂️

When it doesn’t fit anywhere else and still worth sharing—it’s miscellaneous

6 Life Principles

Codifying how I live life, work with others, and tackle each day

AI Art

Been having a little too much fun with AI-generated art

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